Why You Need to Know the Microsoft Office Suite


www.office.com/setup office com setup Today’s companies thrive and compete better when they are at the forefront of technology. It’s you? If you do not understand the basics of business applications that help businesses thrive, you can not reach your potential or help businesses achieve theirs.

Microsoft Office Suite is used by 80 percent of companies.1 Its popularity is just a good reason to know MS Office, but there is more. Take a look at our 4 important reasons why you need to know Microsoft Office Suite.

Popularity: Because Microsoft is used by so many companies, the skills you have working in the software are immediately transferable to new jobs and companies. It’s as if you spoke the same language as everyone else! What happens to you and your professional career if you do not do it?

Communication: You can communicate and collaborate more effectively with Microsoft tools. Whether you are using Outlook for email or take advantage of the co-authoring functions in Word and PowerPoint, you are literally on the same page as your co-workers. That ease of communication helps reduce errors and improve the quality of the service it provides to its customers.

Productivity: Microsoft helps you operate more efficiently so you can be more productive. For example, Excel not only allows you to enter and calculate data quickly; It also has advanced analytical tools so you can discover patterns and make sound financial decisions. The laborious tasks, once performed only by accounting professionals, can now be completed quickly by assistants with adequate training.

Simplicity: each of the components of MS Office is easy to use and includes easy-to-use integrated help files. If you get stuck at any time, just go to the help tab and write your question. You can even access online support to get tutorials on how to solve any problem that may arise.

If you want a career in business, you’ll want to become an expert in the Microsoft Office Suite. I’m not sure how to start? Take a look at the commercial career training programs at Charter College. Not only will we teach you everything you need to know about modern business software; We will teach you the hard and soft skills you need to become a business professional.