Updated Data Type Features in excel


www.office.com/setupEach month, the Office team delivers a feature payload to the productivity package as part of its new drive to treat the software as a service that needs constant maintenance and updates. For the most part, the updates have been relatively benign in retrospect, but ultimately useful in the grand scheme of the evolution of productivity.

For the month of March, however, the Office team is bringing a very good new feature to its Excel program that enables new types of data connected to the cloud. The deployment of new data types begins with Stocks and Geography and understandably will be driven by the Microsoft Knowledge Graph to help improve Excel reports with modified graphics and detailed real-world constructs.

In addition to these new data types in Excel, here is a summary of Office activity this month:

Smart and personalized search: new search capabilities that allow people, information and experience discovery throughout your organization are now being extended to all Office 365 subscribers. Now, wherever you start your Office.com SharePoint search , you will get consistent and custom results based on Microsoft Graph.

SharePoint Hub Sites: This month we started deploying SharePoint hub sites, which gather news, activities, searches and navigation on the SharePoint team and the SharePoint communication sites.

Office 365 for the US government UU.: At Government Tech Summit in Washington DC, we announce the general availability of Microsoft 365 for the US government. UU., Allowing government agencies in the United States to transform themselves through the digitization of citizen services and the modernization of workplaces.

In addition to working on the new deliverables of the data type, the Office team managed to expand its global cloud infrastructure by building a local data center in France and made an announcement that other centers will also emerge in Switzerland and the Emirates. United Arabs as new cloud options offered to Office 365 customers in Germany.

Microsoft has paved a clear path for its transition from Windows to cloud-based platforms and with updates like these, it is clear that the company is the foundation to continue the growth of Office and the expansion of its ambitions in the cloud.