“Patch Tuesday” Adobe and Microsoft

www.office.com/setup: Adobe and Microsoft published critical solutions for their products today, a.k.a “Patch Tuesday”, the second Tuesday of every month. Adobe updated its Flash Player program to solve a half dozen critical security holes. Microsoft issued updates to correct at least 65 security vulnerabilities in Windows and the associated software. Microsoft updates affect many basic Read more about “Patch Tuesday” Adobe and Microsoft[…]

Microsoft Adds Ransomware Protections

www.office.com/setup: By Mark Hachman Senior Editor, PCWorld If your PC is infected with ransomware, it will spread from one file to another, encrypting them until you pay the bad ones for the digital key. But ransomware can also spread to your files stored in the cloud, and that’s why Microsoft’s new OneDrive protections are designed. On Thursday, Microsoft announced Read more about Microsoft Adds Ransomware Protections[…]

Fixing Office 2007 Error “The Windows

www.office.com/setup: Repair the Office 2007 error The Windows installation service is not accessible. When you install Microsoft Office Suite on your device, you may see the error “The Windows Installer service could not be accessed.” This problem usually occurs when the Windows installer files are damaged or missing. This problem will not allow Microsoft Office to Read more about Fixing Office 2007 Error “The Windows[…]

In a busy April for Office 365 Microsoft

www.office.com/setup : As the end of April approaches, the Office team has once again posted its monthly summary of all the new features that were sent to Office 365 users this month, and the list is quite big. The most important version can be Microsoft To-Do, the new Microsoft task management application that is expected Read more about In a busy April for Office 365 Microsoft[…]

Tricky Updates of MS

www.office.com/setup: ’03 Microsoft Office currently includes Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, OneNote, Visio, PowerPoint, InfoPath, FrontPage, Project, Publisher and Live Meeting programs. Each of these programs is advertised as a separate demand product, but the Microsoft Office 2003 combines all together under a global rate price point. The Microsoft Law 2003 cabinet package has a full package Read more about Tricky Updates of MS[…]

Office Error Code 30029-4

office.com/setup: Error Code 30029-4: When uninstalling Office from your computer, the user can obtain error code 30029-4. This error can simply be resolved by restarting the device and repairing it. If this method does not work for you, you can try to uninstall Office by using the Easy Fix tool. ERROR CODE 30029-4 Error Code Read more about Office Error Code 30029-4[…]

Windows 10 Mail to Gmail Support,

office.com/setup: We welcome you back to our summary window (10) of news that continues the trend of our weekly “Recap Windows 10” series in our weekly look at key articles from Microsoft’s flagship operating system last week. www.office.com/setup Blog: A centralized inbox that uses your Gmail account for mail and calendar on Windows 10 The Read more about Windows 10 Mail to Gmail Support,[…]

How to invite or Yammer group?

www.office.com/setup Blogs: If you are admin of the group, you can invite or add members to your group. In the list in the left column, click the name of the group to go to the Group homepage. At the top of the right-side column, click Add Members. Enter the user names or email addresses of the Read more about How to invite or Yammer group?[…]

How to Empower employees and Create

www.office.com/setup: from the smoked Whiskey River BBQ to the spicy Burnin ‘Love, a well-made burger is the claim of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers fame. But there is more on the menu in the restaurants of this chain of informal meals and much more for the company. Their core belief is that enthusiastic and empowered employees Read more about How to Empower employees and Create[…]

Ghana Teacher educates kids

office.com/setup: Owura Kwadwo Hottish, a teacher in Ghana has garnered a lot of attention on social media recently after posting several photos on Facebook of himself teaching Microsoft Word to his students using only chalk and a blackboard. The photos show him replicating the entire UI of the program to teach his students about it even though they have Read more about Ghana Teacher educates kids[…]