Why You Need to Know the Microsoft Office Suite

www.office.com/setup office com setup Today’s companies thrive and compete better when they are at the forefront of technology. It’s you? If you do not understand the basics of business applications that help businesses thrive, you can not reach your potential or help businesses achieve theirs. Microsoft Office Suite is used by 80 percent of companies.1 Its Read more about Why You Need to Know the Microsoft Office Suite[…]

“Patch Tuesday” Adobe and Microsoft

www.office.com/setup: Adobe and Microsoft published critical solutions for their products today, a.k.a “Patch Tuesday”, the second Tuesday of every month. Adobe updated its Flash Player program to solve a half dozen critical security holes. Microsoft issued updates to correct at least 65 security vulnerabilities in Windows and the associated software. Microsoft updates affect many basic Read more about “Patch Tuesday” Adobe and Microsoft[…]

Updated Data Type Features in excel

www.office.com/setup: Each month, the Office team delivers a feature payload to the productivity package as part of its new drive to treat the software as a service that needs constant maintenance and updates. For the most part, the updates have been relatively benign in retrospect, but ultimately useful in the grand scheme of the evolution of Read more about Updated Data Type Features in excel[…]

In a busy April for Office 365 Microsoft

www.office.com/setup : As the end of April approaches, the Office team has once again posted its monthly summary of all the new features that were sent to Office 365 users this month, and the list is quite big. The most important version can be Microsoft To-Do, the new Microsoft task management application that is expected Read more about In a busy April for Office 365 Microsoft[…]

GOAL: Generating opportunities for Advanced Learning

www.office.com/setup: The one who has really struggled with a brand new in Phrase, which desperately tries to generate it to appear appropriate, will surely understand the importance of creating an unusual system to format the art correctly before migrating it into a definition document . , Excel spreadsheet, potentially PowerPoint presentation. The tiny possibilities of Office Read more about GOAL: Generating opportunities for Advanced Learning[…]

Latest Microsoft Office 365

www.office.com/setup A piece of fruit launches iCloud, and Microsoft pushes its latest offering, Office 365. The long-awaited answer from Microsoft to Google Software is based on a very large Microsoft desktop. Now you can have it on the cloud too. Microsoft is finally releasing its product Dept 365, after unsuccessful attempts with Business Generation Suite Read more about Latest Microsoft Office 365[…]

Office Error Code 30029-4

office.com/setup: Error Code 30029-4: When uninstalling Office from your computer, the user can obtain error code 30029-4. This error can simply be resolved by restarting the device and repairing it. If this method does not work for you, you can try to uninstall Office by using the Easy Fix tool. ERROR CODE 30029-4 Error Code Read more about Office Error Code 30029-4[…]

How to invite or Yammer group?

www.office.com/setup Blogs: If you are admin of the group, you can invite or add members to your group. In the list in the left column, click the name of the group to go to the Group homepage. At the top of the right-side column, click Add Members. Enter the user names or email addresses of the Read more about How to invite or Yammer group?[…]


www.office.com/setup : Some people start Microsoft Project with the best intentions. They add some tasks and then they freeze, not knowing what to do next. In this webinar, we will show you how to overcome it. We will demonstrate the basics so you can start with more confidence and less stress. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Read more about WEBINAR: START WITH PROJECT[…]