How to setup Microsoft Office 20

0 Comments Too many versions? Don’t know where to start from? It was not always easy to find the correct version of a software for your pc/mac. But with time things have been improving and now people are developing easy ways to manage softwares and versions by simply integrating it to there website. Same is done by Microsoft. They have every information on there website. For this we are looking at it consists of many micro sites. For Office the website is This is the first step to Microsoft Office If you are new. You will need to purchase it from the main website. Though there are many third party who claim to resell the product but buying directly from Microsoft is the most secure way to do it.

Buying from Microsoft Website!

Well, we are human beings and the only best thing we can ever do is, buy things. So here we are buying something this time that can atleast save you a lot of pain in the near future. There are of course two main products in Office itself, For Home and For Business. It depends on you need, for what are you buying this product. Once you click on one of the links in the main page you will be directed to another page that has plans and features table. Where it is obvious to find some of the most promising features of Microsoft Office. You can select as per your need and budget. You can even get someone who can consult you in buying the one which will suit you the best.

Microsoft Office for home 365 Plans | Source

After Buying the product!

Buying is as easy as buying from some online shopping cart. You just have to provide information and everything it will direct you to Microsoft Payment page and after making successful payment you are good to go.

Then it will direct you to a page where you will be instructed for the future to install microsoft office.
Microsoft Office is now Installing on your computer.

Microsoft Install Screen after is done verifying key | Source
Installing on Other PC

Depending on the nature of the software you bought online. You can install it on another pc, or you can re install it on you new computer by simply going to, it will prompt you to enter your product key which will be handed over to you in email while purchasing online or it will be on the back of your package that you have bought from local store.

After verifying product key you can continue like you have done before.

There are some authentic legitimate Third Party Techinical Support providers that will help you install MicrosoftOffice, They will not pretend to be Microsoft, like most do, but they will simply ask you if you need help with the installation, they will charge you between 200$ to 1000$ depending on the number of PCs you want to install office on, and will also provide you with the ongoing technical support for any issue on your computer for next many years. But be sure to check the authenticity of the Technical support.

It is easy to check that, simply if they are buying you an antivirus or any other software which actually costs them money and are they willing to work before payment.

Be sure to install Office on your computer, because now 90% of business run Microsoft Office to ease there Officework.

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