The Open & Connected Workplace: An Introduction

0 Comments Blogs: Yammer’s mission is towhere more conversations happen in the open, sharing information between teams is the norm, and collaboration is constant.

So how does Yammer help companies do this? Yammer is built to be open by default, making it easy for people to discover valuable information and connect with each other to get work done. Every individual holds a wealth of knowledge and experience–expertise in a specific area, content they create, or learnings they have from previous projects. On Yammer, employees can share their ideas and gain visibility for the things they’re working on. When people get constant feedback and positive reinforcement, they are motivated not only to get work done, but get great work done.

Yammer also enables teams to work together across departments and geographies, so they can quickly align on projects and collaborate to achieve more. By having a common platform to discover information and connect with one another at any time, people are able to have conversations they otherwise would’ve never had. These are the conversations that spark ideas, eliminate duplication of work, and generally make people feel like what they’re doing is making an impact.


In the next few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into how we’ve built Yammer’s messaging system to be open, and how our customers have benefited from collaborating in the open. To learn more, Tags