Office Error Code 30029-4

0 Comments Error Code 30029-4: When uninstalling Office from your computer, the user can obtain error code 30029-4. This error can simply be resolved by restarting the device and repairing it. If this method does not work for you, you can try to uninstall Office by using the Easy Fix tool.

ERROR CODE 30029-4
Error Code 30029-4

Close the entire application running on your computer, and then restart your computer. After your computer restarts, follow these steps to repair Office.

Depending on your Windows operating system, click the Start button.
Go to the Control Panel and choose the category view.
Now, under the programs, choose Uninstall a program.
A list of all installed applications and programs will appear on your screen.
Now navigate to the MS Office application or a separate Office application that has the error code 30029-4.
Right-click the MS Office application and choose Edit.
Now, depending on whether your copy of Office is a click-based installation or an MSI installation, follow these steps.
Click-to-Run: In “How do you want to repair your desktop?”, Choose Repair Online. Then select Repair.
Based on MSI: Under “Change your installation”, choose Repair, then click Continue.
Follow the additional instructions on the screen to complete the repair.
If the repair does not solve your problem, use the Easy Repair Tool to uninstall Office completely.

You can use this easy repair tool to remove / uninstall completely from your device.

Open the web browser and download the simple repair tool to uninstall Office.
Once you have downloaded the Easy Repair Tool, place it on your computer.
To run the Easy Repair Tool, double-click it.
When the Microsoft Office Uninstall Wizard opens on the screen, click Next.
To accept the terms and conditions and click I accept.
When you see a successful uninstall on the screen, close the tab.
Restart the computer.
The next step is to install the Office software on your device.

To install Office on your device, follow these steps.

Sign in to your Microsoft account in the web browser of your choice.
Go to the Desktop Setup page and click the Install button.
An automatic download will start automatically.
Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file on your computer.
Double-click on the file to start the installation process.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
Open an Office application such as Word or Excel.
When the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard appears on your screen, click Next.
Choose your activation method, “I want to activate the software via the Internet” is the recommended method.
Once your application is enabled, check to see if your desktop applications are working or not.
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