The new gets first major update

0 Comments In April, we began to deploy a new Office 365 homepage experience that provided a redesigned environment for commercial, educational and home users to collaborate and work on all devices. The update also delivered improved access to recent files and folders and introduced a new platform for faster delivery of innovative features.

We are now implementing new changes that will greatly increase the ease of application navigation and improve access to frequent and recently opened documents. These changes began to be implemented in December and will continue until the beginning of 2017.

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Return to your documents online
We know that your best work can take time, so we improve access to your documents without finishing. Users will now see additional controls within the “Recent Documents” list to allow users to filter by type of document in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Do you have a document that you return to frequently? Write it down in the list so it’s always just a click away.


Know what is coming
We made it easier to see what comes at a glance. Get an in-depth view of the day’s meetings and respond or quickly join Skype for Business calls with a single click. Improved images of people help you establish stronger connections with your co-workers and help you track your different teams and projects.


Stay on task
Create, view, and complete tasks directly in that remain synchronized in Outlook on all your devices. Do you need to add more details to a task? Tap twice to open in Outlook Tasks and add additional details.


Whats Next
We constantly develop and improve the Office 365 experience, so be sure to let us know what you think! We read all the comments we receive as we work to make your Office 365 experience the best it can be.

-Tom Batcheler, @TomBatcheler, senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 team

Frequent questions
Q. Can I reorder or resize the application’s files? organizes the tiles of the application based on which applications are used most frequently. Currently we do not offer the possibility to reorder or change the size of the tiles of the application. We are evaluating additional options to make the navigation of the application even faster.

Q. Will I be able to deactivate the online documents, the next sections or the tasks if I prefer not to see the content?

R. currently does not allow you to deactivate this content. However, you can collapse the card containers to hide the content you do not want to see. We are evaluating additional personalization, such as activating and deactivating certain cards.

Q. Can I turn off or hide the installation button?

A. These next updates have no impact on the installation button.

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