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www.office.com/setup: Blockchain startup for information security has developed a new approach, named as “Blockchain startup PolySwarm” for offering a complex and multidimensional protection to the consumers in order to change its position in the market of antivirus software. This new approach “Blockchain startup PolySwarm” is based on the platform of “Blockchain” that has been rewarded and given the tag of “The most rapid and effective new threat detection methods”.

Blockchain Startup for Information Security

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According to the survey by the Gartner analysts, the spending on information security has reached to $86.4 billion in 2017 and $93 billion in 2018 i.e. it has been increased by 7% over the years. As a result, the qualified specialists are lacking as the market of information security is going up. Even Forbes, an Online magazine has detailed in one of its articles that in 2019, there demand will be unfulfilled of 2 million IS specialists. Thus, all the world-wide companies need a complete solution to fight against the cyber crimes and there will be no such company in the market that will offer such a complete solution.

Now-a-days, the cyber criminals are using a number of advanced tools for attacking the users including the corporation as well as the individuals and harm them by misusing their data. Since there are a number of antivirus software that offers a layer of protection to the users’ data but still they are unable to provide the complete protection against these cyber-attacks. Some of the major antivirus software is based on the method of “Heuristics” and “Signatures” for detecting the threats, and if the threats are known then the software uncovers these known threats with the coded signatures otherwise, the threats are detected by its behavior.

All the large antivirus companies are developing the threat intelligence networks by putting numerous efforts in order to collect the clients’ information via its network. These threat intelligence networks are known as “cloud detection” like McAfee, Symantec and many more, but still, these software could not run 2 or 3 protection engines simultaneously, as these software lack in interoperability. Thus, everybody needs to choose the most appropriate antivirus by keeping the idea for getting a complex protection to a side.

Distributed threat intelligence:

The new approach by the “Blockchain Startup for Information Security” has been equipped with various improved security features to offer security against the fraud and cybercrime that make up 56% reasons to the Business leaders, to adopt and use the blockchain in their organizations.

Blockchanin startup PolySwarm allows the IT experts sitting in any corner of the world to create and maintain the specialized threat detection software in order to monetize their security expertise. Even this new approach has the feature of speedy and accurate malware detection that became the main reason for getting the reward experts. Thus, the marketplace and its end users have been benefited with the integrated solution that offers a protection layer via thousands of specialized micro engines that scans files on the device. Even the PolySwarm has the ability to detect and outsource all the new threats that remain undetected by the signature based antivirus.

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