MS Office In Tamil Language Planned


COIMBATORE: The Tamil Nadu School Education Department has approached the Microsoft company to demand that it create MS-office software in the Tamil language, said T Udhayachandran, secretary of the School Education Department on Friday.

Addressing the media at the Tamil Internet World Conference at the University of Agriculture Tamil Nadu (TNAU), he said that the department had negotiated with Microsoft for MS-Office in Tamil and an exclusive search engine in the language as part of the efforts to promote development of Internet-based education.

“In order to bring the word of MS-Office to Tamil, we have ensured that the department was ready to buy five lakh laptops in exchange for the software, so that schoolchildren can easily learn the software in their native language. agreement is finalized soon since the preliminary initiative has been successful, “Udhayachandran added.

Regarding the response to the introduction of QR codes in the revised textbooks for classes VI, IX and XI, he stated that the initiative was receiving good reception from parents and students.

In the new textbooks, up to 2,895 QR codes were provided in 144 subjects to help students become familiar with reading in general and with elaborate details.

On average, so far, two lakh users were covered by the use of the QR code in Tamil Nadu, he said, adding that this was the highest among the states such as Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in learning by QR code from school.

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