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Whats Office Access, What You can Do With It Blogs: Microsoft Access offers a variety of features for different database needs. The Uses of access are as follows

Web and Personal applications, Small-business applications , Departmental and Corporation-wide applications, Front-end applications for enterprise wide client/server database.

Access as a development platform for personal applications

At a basic level, you can use Access to develop simple, personal database-management systems. The one thing to be careful of is that Access is deceptively easy to use. Its wonderful built-in wizards make Access look like a product that anyone can use.

After answering a series of questions, you have finished application switchboards that enable you to easily navigate around your application, data-entry screens, reports, and the underlying tables that support them. Actually, when Microsoft first released Access, many people asked whether the author was concerned that her business as a computer programmer and trainer would diminish because Access seemed to let absolutely anyone write a database .

Although it’s true that you can produce the simplest of Access applications without any thought for design and without any customization, most applications require at least some design and customization.

If you’re an end user and don’t want to spend too much time learning the intricacies of Access, you’ll be satisfied with Access as long as you’re  happy with a wizard-generated personal application. After reading this text, you can make some modifications to what the wizards have generated, and no problems should occur. It’s when you want to substantially customize a personal application without the proper knowledge base that problems can happen.

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Make the switch to OneDrive for impro OneDrive makes sharing and file management easier in the cloud, enabling people to securely store, access, and share their files and photos from anywhere, across their devices. Choosing to store your files in OneDrive instead of other cloud storage providers allows you to work faster and smarter with Office 365. It’s the only service that provides real-time co-authoring within Office Online and the Office 2016 apps for mobile, PC, and Mac—as well as personalized search and discovery powered by the Microsoft Graph.

Customers like AccentureDBS BankTextron, and Lowe’s have adopted OneDrive to reduce costs and improve teamwork and mobile productivity, while making it easier to protect and manage company data. Now your organization can switch to OneDrive for free—read on for all the details.

New offer to help you make the switch to OneDrive

We are making it easier for new customers to make the switch by offering free OneDrive for Business for the remaining term of their existing contract with Box, Dropbox, or Google. This offer is valid starting February 6, 2018 through June 30, 2018 for organizations that are not currently OneDrive for Business or Office 365 customers and who make a minimum 500 user commitment.

Customers participating in this offer can leverage Microsoft FastTrack—our customer success service—to make a smooth transition to OneDrive and Office 365. New and existing Office 365 customers can learn more about our on-boarding, user adoption, and migration services at

“The FastTrack team helped us with best practices, documentation, and a pre-migration checklist. Given the number of people we wanted to migrate, it made sense to collaborate with them as much as we possibly could.”
Justin Litherland, vice president, IT stores of Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Learn more about this offer and start your transition to OneDrive.

Customers accelerating their digital transformation with OneDrive

More than 350,000 organizations now have OneDrive, and the growth has been amazing. Just in 2017, OneDrive storage and file sync usage have both tripled. This includes organizations large and small that are using OneDrive to:

  • Improve creativity and teamwork, from the corner office to the Firstline WorkforceAccenture uses OneDrive for their 400,000 employees as they travel the globe, accessing over two petabytes of files in the cloud across their devices. Lowe’s recently rolled out OneDrive to 260,000 employees—empowering them to share with colleagues and customers across their 2,200 retail stores.
  • Leverage the security, agility, and intelligence of the Microsoft CloudDBS Bank made the switch knowing Microsoft invests more in cloud security than a traditional bank could, and Land O’Lakes removed their need for multiple cloud storage providers by moving to OneDrive, giving them a managed solution to better protect their data.
  • Manage costs by moving to a single integrated solution with Office 365Rackspace is saving over $411,000 a year by retiring their previous cloud storage provider in favor of OneDrive, and Textron is making the switch to OneDrive to get the improved governance they desire at a substantially lower cost.

If you want to see more reasons why customers choose OneDrive over Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, check out our comparison chart.

Groundbreaking OneDrive product innovations

In addition to making it easier to switch, OneDrive is also leading with new innovations. At the Microsoft Ignite conference, we showcased over one hundred OneDrive features and enhancements delivered in the past year and announced new upcoming capabilities. Many of these have rolled out to customers, including:

Analyst recognition

As we continue to innovate the product and grow our customer base, analysts are taking note. Microsoft was recently recognized as a leader by Forrester Research in their report, The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise File Sync and Share Platforms—Cloud Solutions, Q4 2017. In addition to being positioned as a leader, Microsoft was ranked highest in current offering and tied for second in strategy. Microsoft was also recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise File Sync and Share Platforms—Hybrid Solutions, Q4 2017 report. You can read more and get your own copy of the Forrester Research report.

Gartner also recognized Microsoft as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms and the highest of all the leaders in our ability to execute. You can read more and get your own copy of the Gartner report.

As you can see from these customer stories and analyst reviews, OneDrive with Office 365 isn’t just a cloud storage solution. It’s a core ingredient of the modern workplace. I look forward to hearing more about your success as you make the switch to OneDrive and Office 365!

Ron Markezich

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Install Microsoft Office Project 2016 Blogs: Select your version of Project for the steps to install.

Download and install Project 2013 or 2016 (1 user and 1 PC)

If you have a one-time purchase of Project 2013 or 2016, follow these steps to install it.

What do I need?
Where do I go to install?

Download and install Project Online Desktop Client

Ready to get to work with your Project Online Desktop Client subscription?    Here’s how to install it, with a few tips to help you get started.

What do I need?
Where do I go to install?
Got coworkers who need to install?
I installed Project 2016 but want to go back to Project 2013

Need more help?

If you’re still not finding the answers you need, try searching for content on, or browsing through the list of topics on the Project Help Center.

You may also find it helpful to post your questions and issues on a discussion forum. The Project discussion forumstend to be very active, which make them a great resource for finding others who may have worked through similar issues, or encountered the same situation.

Not finding what you need? Try the forums.

See Also

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Install Office on your PC or Mac

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What are Microsoft Forms Blogs: Microsoft Forms is a new part of Office 365 Education that allows teachers and students to quickly and easily create custom quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, registrations and more. When you create a quiz or form, you can invite others to respond to it using any web browser, even on mobile devices. As results are submitted, you can use built-in analytics to evaluate responses. Form data, such as quiz results, can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis or grading.

What you’ll need

  • An Office 365 Education subscription. If you’re not sure you have this, please contact your IT administrator to verify.
  • An organizational or school ID account for yourself with permissions to use Microsoft Forms.


Create forms in minutes


Send forms to anyone


See results in real time

Why can’t I log in to Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is available only to Office 365 Education subscribers using a school or organization ID account.

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Get started quickly

ClipboardBring together teachers and students. Get more done! Create a form or quiz with questions, define settings, share your form, and check the results—in a few easy steps.

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March Updates for Office 365 Inc Blogs: Microsoft today detailed the new features and improvements that it delivered to Office 365 users this month. Key among them are new Excel co-authoring capabilities, Microsoft Teams, and new OneNote inking and accessibility updates.

“Office 365 provides the broadest and deepest toolkit for collaboration between individuals, teams and entire organizations,” Microsoft corporate vice president Kirk Koenigsbauer explains.

Here’s what’s new in March.


Microsoft is working to expand the availability of AutoSave beyond mobile versions of Office: Office 365 subscribers in Office Insider Fast now have access to AutoSave in Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows desktop, for files stored in SharePoint Online, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

“With AutoSave, you can stop worrying about hitting the Save button, whether you’re working alone or with others,” Mr. Koenigsbauer explains.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft delivered its long-awaited Slack alternative, called Microsoft Teams, earlier this month to all Office 365 commercial customers. And last week, it shipped Microsoft Teams to all Office 365 Education subscribers as well.

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“We are thrilled by the enthusiasm for Teams and look forward to seeing how customers build Teams into the way they collaborate every day,” Koenigsbauer says. “We’ll also continue updating Teams along with our other Office 365 apps and services.”

Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft announced the availability of its new Microsoft Bookings service last week as well, making it easy for small businesses to schedule and manage appointments with their customers. Microsoft Bookings is now available to all Office 365 Business Premium subscribers.

OneNote updates

Microsoft made a variety of inking and accessibility updates to various OneNote versions this month.

OneNote for Windows 10 received improvements to the Ink math that helps graph handwritten equations and solve systems of equations. It’s available to all Office 365 subscribers.

OneNote for Windows 10 was also updated with a new Accessibility Checker that analyzes your notes to ensure that they can be consumed by people with visual impairments. This feature is available to all users of OneNote for Windows 10, and is also shipping in various Office applications for Windows desktop, Mac, and Online.

OneNote Online users can now access the new Draw tab, which provides access to more inking tools. It’s available to all customers.

Visio integration with Excel and PowerPoint

Visio users on Windows desktop can now create an Excel flowchart using new Data Visualizer templates. And a new Slide Snippets pane will help Visio users export diagrams and snippets as slides in a PowerPoint presentation.

Data Visualizer is available to users of Visio for Windows desktops for Office 365 subscribers in Office Insiders Slow. Slide Snippets is available to all Office 365 subscribers.

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4 nifty new Microsoft Office 2016 features Blogs: With Google Apps and Office 365 revolutionizing the way people work, you may feel that Microsoft Office is quickly becoming a dated product that will soon be packed away to the back of the closet. But with the 2016 version set to launch in autumn of this year, Microsoft is looking to change your mind. Now they’re adapting their classic Office package for today’s modern workforce. Here are four of the new features that are reinventing the way you look at your Office applications.

Cloud focus for Outlook attachments

Microsoft knows that sharing attachments amongst co-workers and teams can be a hassle. With many collaborators still sharing documents and files the old fashioned way – attaching it to an email and then sending to others – it’s easy for users to get confused and send an incorrect or outdated version.

To solve this problem, Microsoft is gently nudging us to use the cloud. Now when you add an attachment to an email, you’re now asked if you’d also like to share a link to a file on your OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint account.

Showcasing easy ways to use Office better

If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t using Office to its full potential. And who can blame you? Between Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, there are literally hundreds of features and tools you can use – if only you had the time to discover them all.

To help you get the most out of Office, Microsoft has now added a Tell Me box in the top center of your program title bar. This tool gives you an easy way to get questions answered. For example, if you want to project your desktop screen to a second monitor or create a graph in Excel, simply type your question into the Tell Me box and Microsoftwill find the answers that most closely fit your search criteria.


Look out PowerPoint, here comes Sway – the new, hipper Office application that makes creating fluid, stylish presentations easy. With Sway, you can now gather content from various sources across the web, and then easily organize it into a presentation that can be viewed on a smartphone, laptop, iPad or other device.

What makes Sway more exciting than PowerPoint is in the process of gathering content: simply drag files, photos or video from YouTube, OneDrive and various social networks into the app. Once you have your content, you can easily organize it and adjust your design to create a unique look and feel for your presentation.

Better Data Protection

With Office 2016, Microsoft has raised the bar for data security. Now administrators can set and enable Data Loss Protection policies for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Unlike in older versions of Office, administrators now have a range of security options at their disposal. For example, they can prevent data from being copied and pasted outside of Office 2016 applications, restrict files from being sent to certain individuals, and implement file-level encryption for Word, Excel and Outlook.

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Want to learn more about Microsoft Office 2016? Have questions about other Office products? Give us a call.

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Microsoft Office 2017 Language Packs Direct Links Download Blogs: Microsoft Office 2017 Language Packs: Microsoft Office 2017 built-in with several different languages. You can use Microsoft Office 2017 in your preferred language. But the main problem is that you can’t work in multiple languages on your computer. You have to reinstall every time to change the language in MS Office 2017.

But Microsoft lets you use a simple method to install multiple languages within MS Office 2017 to work with various languages. Blogs: Microsoft Office 2017 Language Packs Direct Links Download:

There are two types of Microsoft Office 2017 language packs available:

  1. Language Interface Packs
  2. Language Accessory Packs

Language Interface Pack:This pack isn’t available for everyone. Language Interface Pack only accessible for Volume Licensing clients. It allows you to install Office 2016 in several languages on a sole computer. The system proprietors be able to stipulate a language for every user for remote installation.

Also, you can organize the language interface packs to various user groups in an Active Directory atmosphere. In addition to, the spelling checker, grammar checker and thesaurus can also be changed.

Generally, lone users simply need the Language Accessory Pack so as to modify the default language of their Ms Office 2016 installation.

Language Accessory Packs:Language accessory packs also knows as simple language packs, with the help of this users be able to alter the Ms Office user interface together with modifying the language of ribbon, menu objects, commands, etc. Also, you can adjust the language of the help files as per your selection.

With language accessory packs (or simply language packs), user can change the Office user interface including changing the language of ribbon, menu items, commands etc. The help files can also be changed to the language of your selection. You can also change the spelling checker, grammar checker and thesaurus.

Microsoft Office 2017 Language  direct download links

Today we’ve shared all direct download links of the obtainable Office 2017 language packs. Keep in mind, above-mentioned aspects may not be found in many language packs as various language packs have limitations such as they count not comprise spell checker, etc.


But you don’t have to worry anything because we’ve only provided those language packs links that proffers a wholly feature set.

These language packs have the following traits:

  • Display in selected language
  • Help in selected language
  • Proofing tools for selected language


Installing and configuring the language packs

Above given links offers you an executable(.exe) setup file. All you have to do is run the installer file to install the particular language pack. Bear in mind, you require an active internet connection to install any language pack. After the installation, trail the beneath given steps to configure the newly installed language pack:

  1. First, Open MS Office program and next click File –> Options –> Language.
  2. Now, There are total three different boxes to configure. The first is for choosing the Editing language. Ensure your favorite language is enabled.
  3. The second box demonstrates the display languages. By default, the system language is the default. But, You can pick any additional installed language and set it as Default.
  4. The third box is the Help language box. Go for the language appropriately and make it default.
  5. Finally, click the OK button and afterward restart all the Office 2017 programs for the changes to succeed.

Troubleshooting Tips:

We’re sorry, Office (32-bit) couldn’t be installed because you have these 64-bit Office programs installed on your computer:

Microsoft Office 32-bit Components

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2017

Are you getting this error? How to solve this problem?  What did you do wrong?

I will recommend you to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office 2017 from your system completely.  But don’t run setup.exe file rather go to Office folder and click on either setup32.exe for 32-bit version or setup64.exe for 64-bit system. You won’t see any error after installing from here on your computer. Drop a comment below if you have any questions about Microsoft Office 2016 language packs.

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Garage Series: Real-world adoption tips, Blogs: Watch as we connect with well-known technology analyst, author and blogger, Paul Thurrott and other special guests, including early adopter customers and top Office engineers.  In this special 60-minute episode, our adventurous hosts reveal lesser-known adoption secrets, demonstrate new Office touch and Lync experiences, and more. The live broadcast is over, but you can still watch the replay in the video below. 

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Global construction manufactur

As an established company that needs to stay agile with project coordination, Hilti Corporation chose Project Online because it delivers all the benefits of process centralization and enhanced control without the risks involved in being locked in to large home-grown IT infrastructures. With Office 365, Project Online offers the security, global availability, disaster recovery, and the ability to handle heavy workloads critical to enterprise operations at a fraction of the cost. Many businesses know the challenges and associated costs of these requirements, but with Project Online and Office 365, it’s easy to scale out and scale up–and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that data is safe.

Hilti Corporation’s Head of Workplace Platform Services, Dr. Christian Buddendick, is a business leader who embraces software as a service. “Using a cloud-based solution is clearly an advantage compared to setting up a customized server environment,” says Dr. Buddendick. “We don’t have to worry about maintenance, upgrades, or compatibility issues. All the capabilities we need are there, and are easily customizable.”

Through the Office 365 infrastructure, Project Online delivers the agility modern companies need to be competitively efficient. Many of our customers’ goals include increasing control and communication in their organizations without creating excess process burden. The “just right” process mix is different for every organization, and with Project Online, business leaders have more freedom to try new things and innovate internal processes, since retooling friction is minimized.

Hilti Corporation appreciates this agility and uses it to create global efficiencies. “By using a cloud-based solution, we got the agility we were seeking,” says Buddendick. “We can scale the use of Project Online from 20 people up to 10,000 users. It is easy to use and satisfies nearly 100 percent of our business needs.”


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The Open & Connected Workplace: An Introduction Blogs: Yammer’s mission is towhere more conversations happen in the open, sharing information between teams is the norm, and collaboration is constant.

So how does Yammer help companies do this? Yammer is built to be open by default, making it easy for people to discover valuable information and connect with each other to get work done. Every individual holds a wealth of knowledge and experience–expertise in a specific area, content they create, or learnings they have from previous projects. On Yammer, employees can share their ideas and gain visibility for the things they’re working on. When people get constant feedback and positive reinforcement, they are motivated not only to get work done, but get great work done.

Yammer also enables teams to work together across departments and geographies, so they can quickly align on projects and collaborate to achieve more. By having a common platform to discover information and connect with one another at any time, people are able to have conversations they otherwise would’ve never had. These are the conversations that spark ideas, eliminate duplication of work, and generally make people feel like what they’re doing is making an impact.


In the next few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into how we’ve built Yammer’s messaging system to be open, and how our customers have benefited from collaborating in the open. To learn more, Tags

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