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Microsoft runs its own internal Insiders progr Since Microsoft launched the Windows Insider program in the fall of 2014, the company has taken the idea of ​​listening to the comments of its most enthusiastic customers very seriously. The giant Redmond also has many of the first users in its ranks, and the company has several internal test rings for volunteers willing to build “dogfood” of Windows 10 before launching them to Windows Insiders. Blogs: But thanks to a lengthy featured article that Microsoft published this week, we’ve just learned that the company has another early adoption program that is open to all Microsoft employees around the world. It’s called Microsoft’s Elite program, and it’s welcoming all enthusiasts willing to be the first to use, block and, ultimately, improve the company’s new products.

The Elite program was created three years ago (like the Windows Insider program) and currently has 26,500 participants worldwide. “Membership includes everyone from salespeople to executives, and represents a variety of cultural and geographic environments,” the company explains. “They all come from a variety of computing environments, which is useful for testing, and they’re excited: Elite also has the most active Microsoft Yammer group.”

The article does not really go into detail about what kind of products Elite members have access to, but we found out that the program initially focused on traditional Microsoft business and IT offerings, such as Windows and Office 365. Later, the The initiative grew to cover other areas, including the experiences of mobile devices, games and entertainment. “There are more and more products, and some are really fun, like Windows 10 or Bing Translator, and other things are really technical,” said Steve Reay, senior product manager at Microsoft IT.

Robert Van Winkle, principal program director of Microsoft IT, added that the program is really great to get deep commentary from a small and well-informed audience. “Elite does not eliminate all hitches,” said Van Winkle. “What it does is help us validate many of the problems that could be there.” It’s a very good initial listening system for what works, what does not work and what is completely broken so that we can address those things quickly. ”

Last, but not least, the Microsoft Elite Program is also a real competition, with a scoring system based on the feedback of the participants. The winner of the annual annual contest will receive a really special prize, the Microsoft Elite leather jacket that you can see in the image above. “An elegant symbol of arrogance and prestige that indicates that you are one of the company’s leading pioneers (do we dare say the world?),” Explains Microsoft. But as the winner Sergey Shantyr said twice, “It’s not about winning, really, I know many winners always say that, but it’s really not like that, it’s all the experience you’re getting by helping you try new products and talk with developers who are eager to get their comments on their products ”

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Microsoft begins rollout of new class It has been three months since Microsoft made its Teams collaboration service available to all Office 365 Education customers, but the company had much more in preparation for students and teachers. Last month, the giant of Redmond unveiled new experiences in the salons at Teams during its thematic event on education in New York, and these latest innovations are now being extended to all Office 365 Education customers in 181 markets and in 25 different languages. Blogs: “The latest experiences in Microsoft Teams, the digital center for teachers and students in Office 365 for Education, are designed to help schools achieve more together: fostering deeply engaged classrooms, strengthening communities of professional learning, and adapt a more effective school communication “, explained the company today. These are the main new features that will soon be available to all Office 365 Education users:

• School Data Sync automatically completes classes with lists of students connected to the school’s information system.
• OneNote class notebooks are integrated into all classes, allowing teachers to organize interactive lessons and offer personalized learning directly from the teams.
• Applications are integrated into the classroom experience, so teachers can quickly access Office 365 apps they already use, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Planner, and customize their classroom with educational applications.
• The administration of end-to-end assignments in teams allows teachers to move quickly and effortlessly from creation and distribution to qualification and feedback.

As a reminder, Office 365 for Education is free for teachers currently working at an academic institution and for students currently attending an academic institution. You only need a valid email address from the school to register your school, and you can get more information about the offer on the dedicated website.

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Whats new in office 365 in june The Microsoft Office team seemed quite busy in June, since it widely released Microsoft Teams, offered compliance updates and security protection for Office 365, and also made its Stream service generally available. Blogs: Fortunately, every month the Office team compiles a list of all the updates issued in a month and publishes them as a record keeping process.

These are the updates that came to the Office and Office related services this month in detail:

Microsoft joins everyone

We are excited to announce that the new classroom experiences of Microsoft teams are now being extended to Office 365 for Education customers. For students, teams help create safe and engaging classroom environments with rich conversations that include text, video and voice, as well as personalized lesson, sticker and emoji themes. Educators can save time with class lists of students that are completed automatically from the school’s information system. You can also move effortlessly between lesson planning, content creation and feedback with the help of OneNote Class Notebooks, Assignments and Office applications integrated. Finally, teams provide a center for educators and staff to connect with each other outside of the classroom (for example, in professional learning communities), all from a single experience in Office 365 for Education.

Office 365 security updates

Windows Information Protection (WIP) support is expanding beyond Office mobile applications to Office desktops in Windows. WIP helps prevent accidental data leaks while allowing your employees to maintain control of their personal data. You can simply designate content created in these applications as “work” or “personal,” so that your IT department can protect or delete only business data. Learn more about Protecting Windows Information.

The Office team also announced some additional security and compliance updates that include enabling threat management and protecting sensitive information. The new update can be found in the Office Advance Protection service that offers recently improved reports through Safe Links policy settings.

Microsoft Forms reaches more users

Formerly available to education clients, Microsoft Forms is expanding for commercial customers, providing a lightweight web tool for creating surveys, contests and surveys. Help anyone in your organization easily gather customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, organize team events and more.

Stream is now generally available

Microsoft Stream is generally available: Microsoft Stream is an intelligent video service for commercial customers to upload, share, manage and view videos easily and securely in a single experience. The transcription of voice to text, face detection, intelligent search and more make video consumption more efficient. IT can also adapt Microsoft Stream to adapt to the needs of your organization with management and security capabilities.

And the rest…
Even adding all the previous additions for users, the Office team managed to include some less prominent features in the Office 365 version of June.

Office 365 users can now share their work habits with coworkers using the addition of MyAnalytics statistics. Managers and staff can optimize meeting times, after correspondence hours by email and based on the knowledge gathered over time through shared MyAnalytics reports.

Finally, the recently launched Office Investigator tool received a little much needed love. Researcher can now be used beyond Word in the desktop application for PC. The researcher is now compatible with the Word for Mac application and OneNote for Windows 10. While it is not the total openness that some would like to see, the recent small steps in availability are promising.

As Microsoft continues to mold Office 365 into its own platform of self-sufficiency, its users on all platforms that appear to be the big winners.

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Microsoft won’t deliver Guest Access for Teams Last week, Microsoft released a significant update to its Teams collaboration application, implementing new classroom experiences for Office 365 Education customers. In addition, several popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box are now compatible with computers, which is ideal for companies that do not put all their efforts into the Office 365 / OneDrive basket. Blogs: In general, Teams is slowly but surely becoming a solid competitor to Slack, although Slack still has at least one feature that teams have not yet tested, and this is Guest Access support. : for those who are not familiar, Guest Access allows companies to give access to independent teams and vendors to equipment and channels. To make it even clearer, it is a key feature to make teams a viable option to communicate with people outside your organization.

When computers became generally available in March, Microsoft announced that external access support would be available in June, although it seems that Microsoft is still working on the much anticipated feature. As noted by ZDNet, Mary Jo Foley, Suphatra Rufo, the Microsoft employee who manages the Teams user website published the following update last week:

We were aiming for June, as we stated in our GA blog post, but we are facing some problems, so it looks like it’s going to be a bit longer (not too long). This is a top priority, trust me when I tell you that you will have it soon!

Foley is guessing that the Redmond giant could finally announce Guest Access support next month at the Inspire conference in Washington D.C., and it would make sense to announce the function at the partner-focused event. Let us know in the comments if you think that Guest Access support could attract more companies to adopt Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft presents pending tasks and much mor As April is coming to an end, the Office team has once again published its monthly summary of all the new features that were sent to Office 365 users this month, and the list is quite large. The most important version can be Microsoft To-Do, the new Microsoft task management application that is expected to replace Wunderlist in the near future. The application is already available in the preview on the web, Windows 10, iOS and Android, but it is already quite solid. Blogs: Windows 10 users also saw that the Skype UWP finally came out of the preview this month. The latest version now uses the Compact Overlay windows that are now available for UWP applications in the Windows 10 Creator Update, but the application definitely remains a work in progress. It is included with Windows 10 (and Windows 10 Mobile), but advanced users may need to continue to use the legacy Skype desktop application for now, which is more versatile.

In other Skype-related news, Skype Translator added Japanese voice translation support this month, and Skype users can also learn to cook with the brand new “Heston bot” inspired by legendary Chef Heston Blumenthal. Who said Skype was just a messaging application?

Some people may have difficulty considering iPads as productivity devices, but obviously Microsoft: Office applications for iOS work very well on the iPad, and this month Powerpoint users may have seen that Designer is already available in the application. mobile presentation. “Now that you’re on the move with your iPad, you can get professional design options for slides with images and certain types of text,” shared the Office team.

Move now to new features restricted to commercial Office 365 customers: the first important addition this month was the Outlook Client Manager, which is now being extended to all Office 365 Business Premium subscribers. This new feature is available in Outlook on Windows, iOS and web desktops, and offers automatic reminders about customer inquiries, company information suggested by Bing and integration with Microsoft Flow.

Outlook users will also be happy to know that now Office 365 groups are compatible with Outlook for Mac, iOS and Android. “Now you can see your group list, read and respond to group conversations, add group events to your calendar and more in Outlook on all platforms,” ​​explained the Office team. The new group integration is currently being implemented in these new platforms, but we remind you that it was already available on the web and in the Outlook desktop application in Windows.

Another new feature worth mentioning is the integration of Office 365 groups in Office desktop applications on Windows, making it easier than ever to edit documents in your frequently used groups. You can see how it works in the image below:

In terms of new security features, the Office team announced several security and compliance updates for Office 365 customers this month:

Office 365 Threat Intelligence is now generally available, which helps customers identify cyber security threats by taking advantage of the Microsoft Smart Security Chart.
Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Safe Links is now available in Word, Excel and
PowerPoint to protect users from clicking on malicious links.

A new Data Loss Protection (DLP) policy management page also provides easy access to application permissions, device security policies, and content protection policies.

Last but not least, Microsoft announced earlier this month an expansion of the Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan, which will now provide better value to front-line workers. The new plan includes additional products such as StaffHub, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business and remains at $ 4 per user per month. New capabilities will begin to spread to customers in the coming weeks, Microsoft said.

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Microsoft announces personalized enhancements Microsoft’s Office applications have become so utilitarian and similar to those of home appliances in the business work sector that the idea of ​​customizing an Excel document can easily be laughed at as you dream of the fever of an overworked data analysis. Blogs: However, the Microsoft Office team did just that this week; They came with the gift of custom defaults in the form of dynamic tables.

“As part of this month’s update, a new Excel feature gives you the ability to customize the default layout for your pivot tables. Allowing users to customize the default values ​​of the pivot table started as a feature request in our forum Excel UserVoice Now, when you build complex reports or perform unique analyzes, you can quickly start with your favorite PivotTable design.This feature is available for Excel 2016 on Windows as part of an Office 365 subscription. ”

Users will now have the option to choose between two adjustment design settings when they apply their default PivotTable settings. The first option is the most optimized for anyone who wants to try out the new pivot table by simply clicking on the Edit Default Design option recently added in the menu settings. The second option is to import a design from a dynamic table previously saved in a pre-existing workbook.

The Office team is adding suggestions for experimenting with OLAP pivot tables. Users can visit the Office Blog or the support page to discover how to take advantage of the performance improvements that this new update brings to previous versions of Excel.

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Microsoft To-Do can now be used with Offic Microsoft To-Do, the company’s new task manager application, configured to replace Wunderlist, is now compatible with Office 365 Education accounts. The application is still in preview, so administrators must still enable Pending tasks on the “Services and Add-ons” page of the Office 365 administrator settings. The application also works with personal and work Microsoft accounts, although still It is not possible to login to the application with different types of accounts. Blogs: On Windows 10 PCs and phones, To-Do can be a good complement to Cortana’s reminders. As noted by All About Windows Phone, the Outlook calendar application now shows a shortcut to Microsoft To-Do when you click on the “…” menu, which redirects it to the task manager application or to the list Windows Store if it is not already installed. Pending tasks are not yet fully integrated into the Outlook calendar (unlike Cortana’s reminders), but they do appear in your Outlook tasks in the Outlook desktop application or in the Outlook web application.

Microsoft regularly updates Pending tasks with new functions, but the application does not seem to be completely ready to replace Wunderlist yet. If you still have to verify it, you can download Microsoft To-Do from the download link below.

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Office 365 on Microsoft Store be clear, there are two current specific store lists, Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home. Both Office 365 lists in the Microsoft Store no longer have the “Preview” label, and several of our writers who previously did not try Office 365 in the Store can now download the Office 365 programs.

Although there do not seem to be direct download links, you can also access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Publisher 2016 by searching the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. OneNote 2016 is not included, and users can opt for the OneNote UWP application. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to uninstall pre-existing versions of Office desktop applications to download and use Office 365 from the Microsoft store.

As we noted earlier, the experience of these Microsoft Store Office 365 applications is the same as that of classic .exe / Win32 desktop applications. The only difference is the additional benefits of a smooth upgrade process and a cleaner uninstall. Apparently, there will be more Office 365 SKUs, including the Office 365 business, so you can expect this to be the next big breakthrough for Microsoft.

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Modern Workplace For the first time in history, there are five generations in the workforce. Watch the latest episode of Modern Workplace to understand how to turn this challenge into an opportunity by creating cohesive teams that take advantage of the diversity of multiple generations.

Learn from the experts Haydn Shaw, lecturer and author of “Sticking Points”, and Asha Sharma, COO of, as they talk about their experiences in creating organizational cultures that thrive using diverse work forces.

These are some of the key ideas you will get:

It is necessary to have a multigenerational workforce to reach multigenerational clients.
Make an active effort to intermingle generations.
Focus on strengths and opportunities with a diverse workforce.
Make sure your leadership team is multigenerational.
Also, listen to Jamie McLellan, CTO of J. Walter Thompson, about how your organization uses technology to take advantage of generational diversity. McLellan discusses his organization’s use of Microsoft Teams, a new capability in Office 365.

Microsoft Teams helps close the generation gap with a chat-based workspace for collaboration. It combines the structure of email with the network approach of social networks to offer a collaborative solution for all generations. And it offers the security and compliance capabilities you expect from Office 365.

See the episode Modern Workplace for more information.

Get the free e-book: “5 tips to improve collaboration”

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