Microsoft Office apps now on Chromebooks

0 Comments news for all Chromebook users who were looking for an alternative to Google’s set of editing tools can now choose Microsoft Office that can now be accessed on Chromebooks. As they are Android apps, the suite of Office applications (PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access) you will require a Chromebook that can download applications from Google Play Store. It is completely free for the users having particular devices. On the other hand, other users need to subscribe to Office 365.

To get this, you will require a compatible Chromebook. Office’s availability on this device is going to help many users, especially in considering the fact that how the inexpensive laptops are becoming beneficial for the education and business market. However, only the specific or rather to say the compatible Chromebooks will be able to run the Microsoft Office. With this announcement, Google has also provided a list of play-store friendly Chromebooks. You can check whether or not your model is compatible. According to Chrome Unboxed, who discovered the availability of the Office applications, the recently launched Chromebooks, like Google’s Pixelbook support these Office apps.

Subscription needed for Bigger Chromebooks

According to Microsoft, devices with larger screen of more than 10.1 inches need an Office 365 subscription that starts from $6.99/month onwards. With the paid subscription, the users of the Office 365 will be able to create & edit the documents, spreadsheets as well as PowerPoint presentations. Office suite apps, including Google’s own Docs, Sheets and Slides will not require a subscription.

Users will get more than just the access to creation and editing features in Office suite. The subscription will also grant you 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage along with the desktop versions of Microsoft’s Office suite.

For editing Office files on Chromebooks, you need to do the following:

  1. Firstly, download the Office files if you haven’t done that
  2. Click the launcher and press Up ^ arrow and then > Files
  3. Choose the file, you want to edit
  4. Double-click to open it
  5. Make the changes
  6. Click Save

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