Microsoft Office 365 Setup

Microsoft Office 365, the latest version includes both basic and advanced productivity services for both consumers and businesses. The enterprise version of Office 365 also includes Skype web conferences for companies, Exchange Online and other incredible features that are the following:

  1. Co-authorship in real time (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  2. Insert links to stored files instead of sending complete files to coworkers.
  3. Chat with coworkers in Office applications.
  4. Convert OneNote items in Outlook calendar events.
  5. Using your mouse as a laser pointer for better PowerPoint presentations.
  6. Power map in Excel: convert data to a map.
  7. Editing and converting to PDF made easy.
  8. Resume reading your Word documents.
  9. Retrieving the correct version of a document.
  10. 50 GB of email storage.
  11. Respond online to email without opening it.
  12. Working anywhere from any device.
  13. Working offline and loading changes later.
  14. Office 365 Planner to help organize the workflow of your team.
  15. Received smart email that can get messy
    A special version of Office 365 can also be installed on several computers. This version was released mainly to work with two specific versions of Office, that is, 2011 and 2013. However, you can try it with other versions but with limited functions.

To obtain the Office 365 configuration from, you must first purchase, download, install and then activate it.

To download the configuration, you must log in to your Office account. If you are a new user, create a new account by selecting Register. Once you have finished, do the following:

Plan your Office settings first to decide what information you need, how to get help and much more
Create new accounts for users and add your domain using its configuration wizard. This will help you to personalize everyone’s user ID and email.

Visit the Office 365 admin center
To start the wizard,

  • select Go to
  • After creating an Office 365 account, you can install the full version of Office. For the enterprise version of Office 365, each user can install Office on up to 5 PCs or Mac.
  • Visit the link
    Log in with your registered account and select install.

How To Install MS Office 365?
This is how the website looks like
  • Redeem the product key from the back of your Office 365 retail card (if you purchased it offline).
  • However, if you purchased the same online, check your registered email ID for the product key.
  • Open and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Choose the Office 365 subscription you purchased.
  • Choose language and version.
  • Now, select the Install button to begin the installation process.