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0 Comments Blogs: Microsoft Office 2017 Language Packs: Microsoft Office 2017 built-in with several different languages. You can use Microsoft Office 2017 in your preferred language. But the main problem is that you can’t work in multiple languages on your computer. You have to reinstall every time to change the language in MS Office 2017.

But Microsoft lets you use a simple method to install multiple languages within MS Office 2017 to work with various languages. Blogs: Microsoft Office 2017 Language Packs Direct Links Download:

There are two types of Microsoft Office 2017 language packs available:

  1. Language Interface Packs
  2. Language Accessory Packs

Language Interface Pack:This pack isn’t available for everyone. Language Interface Pack only accessible for Volume Licensing clients. It allows you to install Office 2016 in several languages on a sole computer. The system proprietors be able to stipulate a language for every user for remote installation.

Also, you can organize the language interface packs to various user groups in an Active Directory atmosphere. In addition to, the spelling checker, grammar checker and thesaurus can also be changed.

Generally, lone users simply need the Language Accessory Pack so as to modify the default language of their Ms Office 2016 installation.

Language Accessory Packs:Language accessory packs also knows as simple language packs, with the help of this users be able to alter the Ms Office user interface together with modifying the language of ribbon, menu objects, commands, etc. Also, you can adjust the language of the help files as per your selection.

With language accessory packs (or simply language packs), user can change the Office user interface including changing the language of ribbon, menu items, commands etc. The help files can also be changed to the language of your selection. You can also change the spelling checker, grammar checker and thesaurus.

Microsoft Office 2017 Language  direct download links

Today we’ve shared all direct download links of the obtainable Office 2017 language packs. Keep in mind, above-mentioned aspects may not be found in many language packs as various language packs have limitations such as they count not comprise spell checker, etc.


But you don’t have to worry anything because we’ve only provided those language packs links that proffers a wholly feature set.

These language packs have the following traits:

  • Display in selected language
  • Help in selected language
  • Proofing tools for selected language


Installing and configuring the language packs

Above given links offers you an executable(.exe) setup file. All you have to do is run the installer file to install the particular language pack. Bear in mind, you require an active internet connection to install any language pack. After the installation, trail the beneath given steps to configure the newly installed language pack:

  1. First, Open MS Office program and next click File –> Options –> Language.
  2. Now, There are total three different boxes to configure. The first is for choosing the Editing language. Ensure your favorite language is enabled.
  3. The second box demonstrates the display languages. By default, the system language is the default. But, You can pick any additional installed language and set it as Default.
  4. The third box is the Help language box. Go for the language appropriately and make it default.
  5. Finally, click the OK button and afterward restart all the Office 2017 programs for the changes to succeed.

Troubleshooting Tips:

We’re sorry, Office (32-bit) couldn’t be installed because you have these 64-bit Office programs installed on your computer:

Microsoft Office 32-bit Components

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2017

Are you getting this error? How to solve this problem?  What did you do wrong?

I will recommend you to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office 2017 from your system completely.  But don’t run setup.exe file rather go to Office folder and click on either setup32.exe for 32-bit version or setup64.exe for 64-bit system. You won’t see any error after installing from here on your computer. Drop a comment below if you have any questions about Microsoft Office 2016 language packs.

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