Microsoft announces personalized enhancements

0 Comments Microsoft’s Office applications have become so utilitarian and similar to those of home appliances in the business work sector that the idea of ​​customizing an Excel document can easily be laughed at as you dream of the fever of an overworked data analysis. Blogs: However, the Microsoft Office team did just that this week; They came with the gift of custom defaults in the form of dynamic tables.

“As part of this month’s update, a new Excel feature gives you the ability to customize the default layout for your pivot tables. Allowing users to customize the default values ​​of the pivot table started as a feature request in our forum Excel UserVoice Now, when you build complex reports or perform unique analyzes, you can quickly start with your favorite PivotTable design.This feature is available for Excel 2016 on Windows as part of an Office 365 subscription. ”

Users will now have the option to choose between two adjustment design settings when they apply their default PivotTable settings. The first option is the most optimized for anyone who wants to try out the new pivot table by simply clicking on the Edit Default Design option recently added in the menu settings. The second option is to import a design from a dynamic table previously saved in a pre-existing workbook.

The Office team is adding suggestions for experimenting with OLAP pivot tables. Users can visit the Office Blog or the support page to discover how to take advantage of the performance improvements that this new update brings to previous versions of Excel.