Microsoft Announcements and its impact on the Users

0 Comments Microsoft is continuously making announcements about its old as well as new products. Most of these announcements, mainly related to the discontinuation of some older products, have already been predicted by the users. But the new announcements are really impacting the users. The article will cover up the same; have a look at the information provided below:

  1. 2007 Microsoft Office Announcement

With this announcement, it is clear that Microsoft will be no longer providing or terminate the following:

This terminating support means:

No Security UpdatesMicrosoft, the tech giant will no longer offer any update in security. The older software may be prone to viruses, phishing scams and other malware attacks.

Old Formats– The new formats of files being transferred (Send and Receive both) to each other cannot be opened on Office 2007.

No More Updates– Once the extended support duration finishes, Microsoft will not send out updates and patches to maintain the older software of Office 2007

Compatibility Errors– You will be no longer able to use latest software or application types

  1. Microsoft Essentials

Office 2011 and 2012 versions were discontinued in January 2017 and cannot be downloaded or installed now. Current users may use them but it cannot be reinstalled on a new device. The base product will give you selected programs including Windows movie maker, Windows live mail and Windows photo gallery.

The biggest impact of this announcement will be on Windows Live Mail users. These users will need to migrate a mail client such as MS Outlook that is included within some versions of Office or any third-party mail program. Or you can also migrate to Windows 10 Mail system that utilizes mail format.

  1. Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Announcement

The latest version of Windows 10 named as Fall Creators Update will be made available for use from October 17 onwards. The update is a complete replacement of Windows 10, much like the Creators Update that was released in April. The upcoming features in the Windows 10 will include the following:

    • Fluent Design
    • Action Center
    • My People
    • Emojis Panel
    • Keyboard Enhancements
    • Pen Improvements
    • Power Throttling
    • Mixed Reality
    • View 3D
    • Cortana Vision
    • Calculator Currency Converter
    • Ebooks
    • Improvements to Microsoft Edge
    • Xbox Networking
    • GPU Utilization in Task Manager
    • Love of Linux
    • Context Menu Sharing
    • Volume Controls for UWP Apps
    • Smarter UWP Media Detection
    • Intelligent Search on Photos
    • Pick up where you left off
    • OneDrive Upgrades
    • Improved Accessibility
    • Ransomware Protection 2007

Just don’t forget to update your Windows 10 with the most updated version! Hope the information was helpful!