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0 Comments In Microsoft Mechanics today, we look at the latest in smart experiences of Office applications spanning PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook and the browser. Ben Walters presents how Office can provide intelligence through Microsoft Graph, Azure Machine Learning and Delve to save you time.

Ben starts his demonstration with PowerPoint Designer, a new way to automatically design slide designs when importing images or other visual elements. Designer now also works with text-based lists to apply visual formats. Beyond the design and layout of slides, Ben also highlights PowerPoint QuickStarter, which uses Microsoft Graph to incorporate ideas and photos of content, creating an excellent starting point for their presentations.

In Word, we take a look at Word Tap, a new feature that also uses intelligence with Delve to incorporate recent content, such as diagrams and graphics. Within Word, Ben also shows how machine learning can also help improve writing by looking for word redundancies, jargon, gender-specific language and more.

In Excel, we explored the new Azure Auto Learning add-on to run the text sentiment analysis, then we used map graphics to give a visual representation of the data inserted through the Azure Auto Learn add-on.

In Outlook, we are using intelligence and machine learning to help assess the importance of incoming email through the new focused Inbox. The My Analytics add-on also helps track information about how your email is being read, response rates and the calendar of these activities. For Outlook Mobile, we are applying intelligence to find important events such as flight information through action cards; Also scheduling calendar events is much easier on the phone using integrated availability information with meeting attendees.

In the browser, Office 365 not only uses Delve’s intelligence to highlight important content it has been working on, but it can also customize the Application Launcher to highlight important applications and link it directly to Office 365’s capabilities using the software intelligent. Tell me engine from Office 365 Help.

While this is a glimpse of some of the capabilities that extend to Office through First Release and the Office Insider program, much remains to be done. Of course, to see all this in action, you’ll want to see today’s show.

-Jeremy Chapman

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