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www.office.com/setup In Microsoft Mechanics today, we take a tour of the latest Microsoft My Analytics updates. Catherine Pidgeon shares how to use My Analytics to improve the impact and success at work. From understanding where your time is going to to identifying areas of opportunity and getting information about collaborating with your most important groups, Catherine offers a complete overview of current features and the road map.

In addition, today we announce the availability of external contacts within your My Analytics experience. Now you can stay up to date on how you interact with important contacts outside of your organization. Whether clients, partners or external personnel: sometimes those with whom you work in all organizations are the most important to your success. Now you can quickly add important external contacts to your My Analytics panel to stay up to date with collaboration information, such as total collaboration time, meeting time, reading percentage and response time.

Get email summaries so ideas are sent directly to your inbox

Starting in January, the summary of My Analytics email will provide information about the weather and the network directly in your inbox. The summary will give you an idea of ​​your time and progress in relation to the objectives to help you identify the key trends that your action might require. With the quick ideas that are delivered each week, you will now be better informed to plan ahead and make sure you spend your time in alignment with your goals.


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Frequent questions

Q. How do I add an external contact?

A. Use the “search to add” field of the network section in your My Analytics panel to add external contacts to your full and valid email address.

Q: When will the groups be available?

A. The “My important groups” function is currently under development and will be available to customers in the first months of 2017.

Q: When will the summary email be available?

A. The summary email will begin to be implemented to customers in early January 2017.

Q. How is privacy managed within My Analytics?

A. Most of the information provided in My Analytics is already available to you, such as your time in meetings or your response time to others. In the event that this information is not available to you, such as the company’s average time at meetings, the knowledge is aggregated and voided to preserve the privacy of the end user.

In addition, organizations have significant controls to ensure that My Analytics meets the privacy requirements of their organization. See My Analytics for Office 365 administrators for more information.

Q. I am an end user in an organization that has My Analytics and I want to get more information about it. Is there any reference material available?

A. For more information, visit the tips of My Analytics and stay connected through our User Voice, Twitter @_MyAnalytics and the My Analytics group in Microsoft Tech Community.

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