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www.office.com/setup Global companies often struggle to maintain the kind of fast-growing innovation culture that smaller companies seem to employ effortlessly. But this is a time of change in business, and thanks to technological advances, global companies can communicate almost as fast as a team working side by side. Now, companies like Flex can cross geographic boundaries to serve global customers even more effectively than ever. At Flex, our approximately 200,000 employees are responsible for prototyping, design, manufacturing and logistics for customers around the world. We are operating as a unique and cohesive company focused on innovation. It is not just that we can communicate and collaborate efficiently between our more than 100 factories or between headquarters and our various shopping centers. We are focusing on reinvention one step further by allowing all employees to share their ideas and experience to make Flex even more agile.

The notion of continuous improvement is well established, but we wanted to make sure that we are capturing opportunities to improve operations in all facets of our business, from the IT department to the factory. We are supporting this effort with Microsoft Office 365, using integrated applications not only for teamwork between companies, but also as the basis for applications that promote innovation and improve processes. For example, we have created an ideation portal in Microsoft SharePoint Online where we can share ideas. Employees send and vote ideas, and we see what ideas gain momentum and acceptance. We have even included some gamification around the winning ideas to encourage our entire workforce to participate.

Giving employees the opportunity to see their ideas come to life is rewarding and empowering. It also benefits the operational efficiency of our business and improves our level of service for customers. Supporting upward communication is paramount to our capacity for improvement, because our employees see how things work every day and think of new ways to offer better results. And most importantly, employees can have a global impact when their ideas are implemented as part of a workflow used by other colleagues.

We have also created interactive SharePoint Online communities for our project managers and vendors, who can use Yammer directly from SharePoint Online sites or on their smartphones with the Office 365 mobile applications. Employees can interact freely with each other through geographical and hierarchical boundaries, communicating and cooperating throughout the company. Whether it’s for customer incorporation, production line configuration, material distribution or new IT projects, some employees are using Office 365 to help us share knowledge and foster better teamwork in Flex.

Our clients trust us to offer the best solutions for their success. Showing the ways in which we are leveraging our own knowledge base to become a stronger company makes us a better business partner and a smarter employer. The types of open and unified communication and support for innovation that we provide through Office 365 help us meet those goals in the modern workplace.

-John Wrenn

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The innovation of the supply chain after the delivery of Flex on a global scale with
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