Microsoft Integrates Linkedin with Word to He Microsoft, the tech giant has acquired LinkedIn last year for $26 billion. It is now linking LinkedIn services with its Office suite applications to help you write a killer resume. Few months before, it has brought out a new Windows 10 application for LinkeDin and now it is unveiling an even more useful addition for Read more about Microsoft Integrates Linkedin with Word to He[…]

Microsoft Office apps now availa Great news for all Chromebook users who were looking for an alternative to Google’s set of editing tools can now choose Microsoft Office that can now be accessed on Chromebooks. As they are Android apps, the suite of Office applications (PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access) you will require a Chromebook that can download applications Read more about Microsoft Office apps now availa[…]

Microsoft Office 365 now ha Microsoft officials, during the earnings report on October 26 said that its Office 365 commercial monthly active users number is now at 120 million, which is up from 100 million in April 2017. According to a report by Microsoft, the company is generating more revenue from Office 365 commercials than the actual selling of Office Read more about Microsoft Office 365 now ha[…]

Microsoft builds epic Tree House Office Microsoft, the tech giant has built treehouses, with embedded technology, on its Raymond campus. The treehouse will serve as a meeting space leading to a more causal work environment. According to a blog post by Microsoft, “With their workspace turned inside out and meetings taking place up in the foliage employees are finding out Read more about Microsoft builds epic Tree House Office[…]

Microsoft Announcements and its impact on the Users Microsoft is continuously making announcements about its old as well as new products. Most of these announcements, mainly related to the discontinuation of some older products, have already been predicted by the users. But the new announcements are really impacting the users. The article will cover up the same; have a look at the information Read more about Microsoft Announcements and its impact on the Users[…]