MJHS celebrates nearly 110 years of care

www.office.com/setup Since “The Four Brooklyn Ladies” founded the MJHS Health System (MJHS) in 1907, we have grown to become one of the largest nonprofit health systems in New York. One of my challenges is to ensure that the values ​​of a 110-year-old health care provider are reflected in the 21st century technology we use. With Read more about MJHS celebrates nearly 110 years of care[…]

4 things about hosting virtual meet

www.office.com/setupWith over a billion views, TED Talks is clearly doing something right. So, what is it that makes you so successful? Here are four proven and true techniques that some of the most viewed TED talks have in common. They have the right length: although there are conversations of up to 60 minutes, the average Read more about 4 things about hosting virtual meet[…]

The paperless journey of Bear Creek

www.office.com/setupA call from Microsoft Showcase School with Mark Sparvell last November forever changed the outlook for Bear Creek Middle School (grades 6-8). It was during that call that the Bear Creek leadership team was inspired to use Microsoft’s tools to change the way and pace with which students learn. In conjunction with the district’s personalized Read more about The paperless journey of Bear Creek[…]

What is Pickit in MS Office

www.office.com/setup Pickit makes it easy for Microsoft Office users to tell powerful stories by taking specially selected photos. Today, they announced their new collection of images, “Talk Like a Rosling”, which features content inspired by the statistician and presenter Hans Rosling and the latest project of his team at Gapminder-Dollar Street. Learn more about the partnership Read more about What is Pickit in MS Office[…]

Are you holding the right kind of meeting?

www.office.com/setup The meetings are starting to have a bad reputation. A Harris poll for Clarizen reports that 46 percent of employees prefer to do more than attend a state meeting: 8 percent said they would prefer a root canal. Regardless of their feelings about them, meetings are necessary to coordinate and collaborate. But, before reserving another Read more about Are you holding the right kind of meeting?[…]

Microsoft Bookings featured on Good Morning

www.office.com/setup The most recent segment of Morning America, “Boosting your business”, sponsored by Microsoft Office, provides entrepreneurs with simple tips and tools to help them grow their businesses. In this first segment, Good Morning America brought Carol Roth, a small business expert and host of the Microsoft Office Small Business Academy, to visit a popular Chicago Read more about Microsoft Bookings featured on Good Morning[…]

New cloud storage options for Office on Android

www.office.com/setup We are pleased to announce that the Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP) is now available for Office applications on Android devices. Office desktops in Windows have been extensively compatible with partner integrations that allow you to open and edit documents from a wide variety of storage locations. CSPP, previously available for Office on iOS and Read more about New cloud storage options for Office on Android[…]

November 2016 updates for Get & Tran

www.office.com/setup Excel 2016 includes a powerful new set of features based on Power Query technology, which provides quick and easy data collection and configuration capabilities, and can be accessed through the Get and Transform section on the data ribbon. Today, we are pleased to announce 10 new connectivity and data transformation features that have been requested Read more about November 2016 updates for Get & Tran[…]

The life of an email hack

www.office.com/setup We have all witnessed the effects of an email hack, whether at work or at home. While your personal risk of being hacked may seem low, the threat to your company’s data is serious. Enterprise email is still the main vector of security threats that employees face, specifically malicious email attachments and common (eg, spam Read more about The life of an email hack[…]

Virtual communication with Office 2016

www.office.com/setup Direct highly interactive remote meetings using voice, video and screen sharing. Virtual-communication-with-office-2016-and-windows-10-1 An online immersion session is not your typical online event. Each 90-minute interactive session begins with an online round table that discusses the challenges of your business and then launches it into a live environment in the cloud. An expert facilitator will Read more about Virtual communication with Office 2016[…]