Updated Data Type Features in excel

www.office.com/setup: Each month, the Office team delivers a feature payload to the productivity package as part of its new drive to treat the software as a service that needs constant maintenance and updates. For the most part, the updates have been relatively benign in retrospect, but ultimately useful in the grand scheme of the evolution of Read more about Updated Data Type Features in excel[…]

When it comes to group collaboration, o

www.office.com/setup The way people work together is evolving, and unique projects, work styles, functional roles, and the diversity of the workforce require a full set of collaborative tools. As the appetite for new ways of working together grows, new developments in communications, mobility and cloud services allow professionals to communicate and collaborate in ways that were Read more about When it comes to group collaboration, o[…]

The new Office.com gets first major update

www.office.com/setup In April, we began to deploy a new Office 365 homepage experience that provided a redesigned environment for commercial, educational and home users to collaborate and work on all devices. The update also delivered improved access to recent files and folders and introduced a new platform for faster delivery of innovative features. We are Read more about The new Office.com gets first major update[…]

How do you tell the story behind your

www.office.com/setup According to a recent study by Glass door, data scientists are the most requested work of 2016. But collecting information is only half of your organization’s challenge: what counts is what you do with it. How can you be sure that your data not only tells you the story you want to hear, but shows Read more about How do you tell the story behind your[…]

Help prevent user-error security breaches

www.office.com/setup According to the Association of Corporate Advisors, the involuntary error of employees is the main cause of data breaches. And with 87 percent of IT professionals concerned about the security of cloud data, according to a Dimensional survey conducted for Druva, it’s easy to feel vulnerable. The prevention of these unintentional errors can help keep Read more about Help prevent user-error security breaches[…]

4 tips for easier collaboration with contractors

www.office.com/setup Having independent contractors in companies of all sizes is the new norm. Busy seasons require additional bandwidth, full-time employees temporarily leave or single / temporary functions must be filled. Whatever the reason, getting the support of contractors can provide scale, flexibility and specialized skills to your team, which is why their popularity continues to grow. Read more about 4 tips for easier collaboration with contractors[…]

Enroll in the Calendar.help preview and l

www.office.com/setup Establishing a meeting with someone outside your company can be a hassle that takes a long time. When you can not see each other’s calendars and availability information, scheduling a time to meet may take more time than the duration of the meeting. Sending back and forth emails, proposing alternative schedules and dealing with conflicts Read more about Enroll in the Calendar.help preview and l[…]

Flex—delivering supply chain innovat

www.office.com/setup Global companies often struggle to maintain the kind of fast-growing innovation culture that smaller companies seem to employ effortlessly. But this is a time of change in business, and thanks to technological advances, global companies can communicate almost as fast as a team working side by side. Now, companies like Flex can cross geographic boundaries Read more about Flex—delivering supply chain innovat[…]

Road realities—how to support your roa

www.office.com/setup The road warrior travels from city to city, meets with potential clients and attends conferences and industry events. And your travel requirements do not seem to be diminishing. According to the Global Business Travel Association, spending on business travel reached record levels of $ 1.2 trillion in 2015, and is expected to increase to $ Read more about Road realities—how to support your roa[…]

Learn more about the insights in Microsoft MyAnalytics

www.office.com/setup In Microsoft Mechanics today, we take a tour of the latest Microsoft My Analytics updates. Catherine Pidgeon shares how to use My Analytics to improve the impact and success at work. From understanding where your time is going to to identifying areas of opportunity and getting information about collaborating with your most important groups, Catherine Read more about Learn more about the insights in Microsoft MyAnalytics[…]