Bringing Office 365 to new markets Today, we announce the availability of Office 365 in 10 new markets: Bhutan, Cambodia, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Laos, Maldives, Martinique, Mozambique, Myanmar and the Vatican City. With this launch, Office 365 is now available in 150 markets and 44 languages. office-new-markets-1 More than 1.2 billion people around the world use Office: at school, at work Read more about Bringing Office 365 to new markets[…]

Kick-start your business in the new Are you ready to be your own boss in 2017? Get ready to start up your new business with the essential advice and motivation of our team of experts.Register now for the next Office Small Business Academy, “New Year’s Inspiration: Making the Leap to Entrepreneurship,” which will air on December 13, 2016 at 9 Read more about Kick-start your business in the new[…]

Empowering employees in a digital world The widespread access to new digital services is changing all aspects of your business, allowing for growth, altering industry environments and acting as a catalyst for new business models, products, services and experience. Do not let fear slow down your digital transformation. Use Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise to train employees with tools that foster collaboration Read more about Empowering employees in a digital world[…]

Innovation is not enough” on Modern Workplace You may have an idea of ​​a billion dollars, but without proper execution it will not be worth a dime. With incubators traversing the thin line between risk and reward with their investments, creating an environment that encourages innovation with less financial risk may be the key to your next big success. Join us in Read more about Innovation is not enough” on Modern Workplace[…]

New to Office 365 in November—new collab This month, we announce several updates of Office applications to help you collaborate easily and effectively with others. This includes co-authoring in real time in PowerPoint, the ability to upload attachments to the cloud directly from Outlook and other collaboration capabilities. Expansion of co-authoring in real time for PowerPoint When we launched Office 2016 last Read more about New to Office 365 in November—new collab[…]

Merging intelligence with productivity—a In Microsoft Mechanics today, we look at the latest in smart experiences of Office applications spanning PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook and the browser. Ben Walters presents how Office can provide intelligence through Microsoft Graph, Azure Machine Learning and Delve to save you time. Ben starts his demonstration with PowerPoint Designer, a new way to automatically Read more about Merging intelligence with productivity—a[…]

Georgia State University tackles malware As director of information security at Georgia State University, my work focuses on balancing the needs of an academic community, where teachers and students value the broad access and flexibility in online research, with the requirements of security of a large company. Advancing these two requirements requires a proactive approach to fighting malware. In a Read more about Georgia State University tackles malware[…]

Planning a secure future for your company When it comes to technology in the workplace, most comforts are balanced with a possible threat. Email and the cloud, however much they have revolutionized the way we do business, have allowed new methods of theft and fraud and have demanded new regulations. That means that planning a secure future for your company is not Read more about Planning a secure future for your company[…]

When does support end for Microsoft Office 2007?  There are only three months left for the extended suite to go dark, literally in the case of Outlook 2007 Blogs: Companies that remain married to Office 2007 have little more than three months to remove Office 2007 applications and switch to a newer suite, such as Office 2016. A significant number of organizations Read more about When does support end for Microsoft Office 2007?[…]